Classification of Xinyu Copper Winding Wire

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Classification of Xinyu Copper Winding Wire

Xinyu Copper Winding Wire structure in the wire and cable is the most simple, but due to the composition of the material is not the same, with different characteristics, so the use is not the same. In order to facilitate selection of suitable varieties from a wide variety of enamelled wire, the enamelled wires must be systematically categorized for the purpose of distinguishing their commonality and individuality and finding their regularity.

Xinyu Copper Winding Wire can be classified according to conductor material, film material, wire shape and insulation thickness, etc.:

According to conductor materials to points: then there are copper, aluminum, alloy (manganese copper, Hong Tong, Ni-Cr, etc.) and bimetallic (silver plated copper, nickel plated copper), copper winding wire.

According to the paint material points: there are pure polyester, acetal, oily, polyurethane, polyimide, polyester imide and polyamideimide and other copper winding wire and its two lacquer composite copper winding wire. According to the wire shape to points, there are round, flat enameled wire.

The name of an enamelled wire should include the above four categories. For example, the current mass-produced QZ-2-type polyester copper winding wire full name should be thick insulated polyester enamelled round copper wire with thin insulated polyester enamelled round copper wire, thick insulated polyester enamelled round aluminum wire, thin insulating polyester paint Round aluminum line phase distinction.

DATE :19th,May.,2017
TYPE :QZYB-2/200

1 Appearance Smooth Surface Qualified Qualified
2 Conductor dimension and tolerance(mm) a: ±0.03mm  a: 2.80mm Qualified
b: ±0.05mm  b: 6.29mm Qualified
3 Film Thickness 0.12-0.17mm 0.13 0.16 Qualified
4 Over-all Diameter A: 2.92-2.97 A: 2.93mm Qualified
B: 6.42-6.47 B: 6.45mm Qualified
5 Electrical Resistance (Ω/m, 20℃) ˂0.001028 0.0009882 Qualified
6 Elongation >32% 39 Qualified
7 Springback Test ≤ 5˚ 4 Qualified
8 Flexibility and Adhension Bending 4Xa 4Xb Qualified Qualified
9 Adhension 15% 1b Qualified Qualified
10 Solvent Test ≥h Qualified Qualified
11 Enamel Removing Test >40 Qualified Qualified
12 Heat Shock 6a 220-225℃ Qualified Qualified
13 Breakdown Voltage (Room Temperature) ≥ 2.0KV 7.0, 5.9, 6.4, 6.3, 5.8 Qualified

Application of Xinyu copper winding wire:

Used in production of light weight, relatively high conductivity, heat resistance and good windings, especially the transmission of high frequency signal windings;

Used in magnet wires of high-frequency voltage devices, common transformer, inductance coils, electromotors, household electrical and micro-motors;

Used in electrical tools, ballasts, automotive electronics, refrigerator and air conditioner compress or motors. Such as television sets, electric stove, microwave ovens etc.

Used in electrical appliances, communication tools, instruments, transformers, generators,electromotors, and so on.

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