Baltimore Orioles Oliver Drake Jersey without any real thought process

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Baltimore Orioles Oliver Drake Jersey without any real thought process

Regardless, it's worth monitoring. A full-go Price in the Miller role could end up a huge X-factor the Red Sox this October.

It's so easy to pile on without any real thought process or context behind what was actually going on and that's surely what many people would do.

What actually happened was a good move by Scherzer and Baker. On MASN Sports, reporter Mark Zuckerman lays out the gameplan all night was to work Scherzer up into the 110-120 pitch range, regardless of how the game was going. The eyes are on the postseason, not winning individual games right now. As it should be. The whole article Baltimore Orioles Oliver Drake Jersey is worth the time of anyone with keen interest on the Nationals. but here are two quotes that really stood out:

On preparing for the playoffs instead of winning regular season games, that's pretty simple stuff. We know the Nationals' 2017 season isn't going to be remembered for winning the NL East title. They've now done that in four of the last seven years. They've also never won a playoff series. This season comes down to how the Nats fare in the postseason and Scherzer is the type of playoff ace who can put a team on his back.

In order for a deep playoff run to happen, the Nationals most likely need the Scherzer that can work beyond seven innings with his best stuff.